We carry a large selection of pushrods, for nearly every big block lifter/rocker arm combination possible, from stock replacement to chrome moly racing units for adjustable or roller rockers. Pushrods that are the stock type with a "ball" on both ends will be made from 5/16" tubing are for use with stock type non adjustable stamped steel rocker arms. Pushrods that have a "ball" on one end and a "cup" on the other will be made from 3/8" tubing and are meant for use with adjustable or roller rocker arms. Length measurements listed for ball/cup type pushrods are to the TOP of the cup, or the "overall" length of the pushrod. If you are measuring to the bottom of the ball end of the rocker adjuster, you must subtract the depth of the cup (about .150") from our "overall length" measurement.


READ THIS BEFORE ORDERING: Pushrod lengths listed are for "average" applications. As much as we'd love to sell you pushrods in one shipment with rocker arms and all the other parts you may need, nobody will be able to tell you the exact length you will need from just a phone conversation. Everything from the block and head deck heights, lifter type/brand, cam base circle size, head gasket, valve stem length, rocker type, and more will all add up to affect your pushrod length. The only way to be 100% sure is to do a mock up of your engine and use an adjustable checking pushrod to verify the length you need BEFORE you order. We sell these adjustable checking pushrods (you can find them below.) Some applications may require custom length pushrods. Keep in mind that hydraulic lifters will allow some play due to the travel of the lifter's plunger, and adjustable rockers will allow for adjustment as well with the adjustment screw, so lengths don't have to be accurate to the thousandth of an inch, however it is ideal to have the adjustment screw with only zero or one thread showing out of the bottom of the rocker arm. The adjustment screw should NOT be all the way in or out to compensate for incorrect length pushrods. Please verify the length will work for your application before ordering. ANY RETURNS OR EXCHANGES WILL BE SUBJECT TO OUR RESTOCKING FEE, (listed on our terms and conditions page.) Measured lengths on cup type pushrods are to the very TOP edge of the cup, not the bottom of the cup where the ball adjuster will sit.