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Engine Package #4:

496 - 512 Cubic Inches, approximately 680 horsepower

CNC Ported Stealth Aluminum Heads, Full Roller Valvetrain

Just $10,791!!

This is similar to our engine package 3, except we go FULL ROLLER on the valvetrain. We also upgrade many of the other components to bring them up to speed for an engine of this caliber. Where applicable, all bolt kits are upgraded to our Performance 12 points instead of regular Grade 8. Accessories like the air cleaner, water neck, valley pan holddown bars and distributor clamp are now all billet aluminum instead of reproduction steel. Likewise, the valve covers get upgraded from regular chrome steel to fabbed aluminum. Items like the timing chain and distributor are all our top shelf, highest quality choices for this build.

We can supply this kit for use with your 383, 400 or 440 engine block. It includes one of our stroker kits in the 496-512 cubic inch range, and our CNC Stealth aluminum cylinder heads, It's designed for those Friday night cruisers, and it's a very street-able combination. Even though the cam is .600" lift, it's still only 243/247 duration at .050" meaning it will be docile and responsive when you want it to be, but (at about 680 horsepower,) when you get on it, it will put you back in the seat hard and beat the vast majority of the other cars out on the road. Frequent trips to the drag strip will feel right at home with this one. Running power brakes and power steering is no problem. Because it's full roller, the valvetrain is definitely going to be noisier than a stock type flat tappet setup. And with that distinct "roller" sound, people will definitely know you have something under the hood.

You supply a machined engine block, (we'll match the stroker kit to the finished bore size of your block) and this kit includes everything else you need to assemble a 100% BRAND NEW, 100% complete engine (except carb or fuel injection setup), air cleaner to oil pan, water pump to flexplate. We even include the fuel pump, starter and related hardware, and the cam assembly and break in lubes. And even engine paint, so you can totally complete the build. And of course you'll have to get exhaust components (manifolds or headers) to fit your application. And if you need engine mounts and brackets, head over to our engine mounts page and let us know when ordering that you want to add those on.

We even include the damper and flexplate. However, if you want it to be TOTALLY complete including all engine front end accessories (pulleys, belts, brackets, alternator, etc), just add our 200-1071 "Engine front end kit" (for cars WITHOUT power steering) or our 200-1072 "Engine front end kit" (for cars WITH power steering.) We don't include the engine fan and spacer, because this will depend on the type of radiator and fan shroud in the car. After installing the engine, you can measure the distance between the water pump pulley and radiator and get the correct fan and spacer for your application.

The oil pan supplied is our Hemi Reproduction pan, which works great for all 1966-72 B bodies and 70-74 E bodies. If you are using a different chassis, such as an A-body, Early (62-65) B body, or truck, we can replace the pan with the one you would need.

If you have any of these items already, you can delete them from the assembly, and it will reduce the cost by whatever the price of the deleted item is. You don't have to buy the whole package. We can also upgrade or substitute anything you want, as long as it's on our website. Just let us know when ordering. We're like Burger King. If they sold Big Block Mopar parts.

Because of the complexity of these kits, we can't offer them through our online web store, you have to call us to order. Or, you can cut and paste this table below into an email, then delete or change any items you wish, and email it to us at:

Part number: Description:
496-500-512 Stroker Kit (see our stroker kits page for details.)
146-1000(RB) or 146-1002(B) Edelbrock Performer RPM Intake Manifold
112-1001(RB) or 112-1002(B) Valley Pan "Bathtub" Tray Gasket
200-1041(RB) or 200-1042(B) Billet Aluminum Valley Pan Holddown Bars
105-1022 Ball and Cup Pushrods (Set of 16) - Cut to fit
117-1018(RB) or 117-1019(B) Pro Billet Distributor
109-1545 Bolt Kit - Valley Pan Holddown Bars - Performance 12pt
109-1547 Bolt Kit - Intake Manifold - Performance 12pt
112-1000 Engine Gasket Set
112-1005 Intake Facing Gaskets
200-1009 Brass Freeze Plugs
101-1075 Engine Block Pipe Plug Kit
121-1050 Billet Aluminum Air Cleaner with K&N Style Washable Element
121-1039 Carburetor Base Gasket
121-1042 Carburetor Stud Kit
200-1090 Main Stud Girdle Kit
121-1040 Holley Fuel Line - Double Pumper
121-1041 Holley Return Spring Kit
121-1074 Glass Inline Fuel Filter
200-1080 (x2) Stealth CNC Ported Aluminum Cylinder Heads
145-1002 Comp Cams 10 Degree Valve Locks
145-1003 Comp Cams 10 Degree Valve Retainers
145-1014 Comp Cams Hydraulic Roller Dual Valve Springs
145-1015 Comp Cams Hydraulic Roller Inner Spring Locators
101-1049 Teflon type Perfect Circle "PC" Valve Seals
HEADLABOR2 Labor to install all above components onto cylinder heads
121-1070 Fabricated Aluminum Valve Covers
121-1059 (x2) Filter Style Breather
109-1567 Bolt Kit - Valve Covers - Performance 12pt
109-1514 Bolt Kit - Cylinder Heads - Performance 12pt
101-1016 Dowel Pins - Cylinder Heads
138-1000 Champion Spark Plugs
154-1004 Hydraulic Roller Cam - .600" Lift - 243/247 Duration @ .050"
162-1011 or 1012 Hydraulic Roller Lifters
108-1017 USA Made Cam Bearings
145-1018 Comp Cams Lifter and Installation Lube
200-1045 Aluminum Roller Rockers/shafts - 1.5 Ratio
200-1032 Aluminum Rocker Holddown Set
113-1018 Rocker Shaft .650" Spacers (Set of 8)
105-1018 (x2) Rocker Shaft .015" Shims (approx 36)
114-1001 Billet 9 Way Adjustable Timing Set with Torrington Bearing
145-1005 Roller Cam Button
109-1551 Bolt Kit - 3 bolt cam - Performance 12pt
127-1001 Oil Slinger
200-1024 Fluid Damper - Black - New
109-1526 Bolt Kit - Harmonic Damper - Performance 12pt
101-1018 Woodruff Key
121-1011 Timing Cover - Chrome
121-1013 Timing Tab - Chrome
109-1555 Bolt Kit - Timing Cover - Performance 12pt
121-1008 Oil Dipstick - Chrome
101-1001 Intermediate Shaft Bushing
200-1085 Bronze Gear Intermediate Shaft - Heavy Duty Pinned
200-1047 Aluminum Distributor Holddown Bracket - Clear Polished
109-1554 Bolt Kit - Distributor Holddown - Performance 12pt
117-1028 Performance Spark Plug Wire Set
M63HV Melling High Volume Oil Pump
109-1561 Bolt Kit - High Volume Oil Pump - Performance 12pt
144-1002 Oil Pump Gasket
138-1004 Oil Filter
564 6 quart Oil Pan (includes drain plug)
127-1002 Stroker Windage Tray
112-1003 Oil Pan Gasket
111-1007 Oil Pickup Tube
200-1031 Billet Aluminum Rear Seal Cap
144-1000 Viton Rear Seal
109-1501 Bolt Kit - Rear Seal Cap
144-1001 Rear Seal End Strips
200-1040 Solid Heavy Duty Flexplate
129-1003 Bolt Kit -ARP - Flexplate
200-1038 Aluminum Water Pump Housing
113-1005 Aluminum High Flow Water Pump
109-1548 Bolt Kit - Water Pump Housing to block - Performance 12pt
109-1515 Bolt Kit - Water Pump to Housing
114-1004 Water Neck - Billet Aluminum
109-1550 Bolt Kit - Water Neck - Performance 12pt
101-1077 Water Pump Housing Pipe Plug Kit
112-1008 Water Pump Gasket - Extra thick
200-1092 Heater Hose Nipples
138-1008 Thermostat 160 degrees
145-1021 Bronze Tipped Fuel Pump Pushrod
138-1013 Fuel Pump - Chrome
109-1549 Bolt Kit - Fuel Pump - Performance 12pt
123-1000 Lightweight High Torque Mini Starter
122-1001 Lightweight Starter Dust Shield
109-1552 Bolt Kit - Starter - Performance 12pt
138-1032 (x3) Engine Paint - Hemi Orange



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