We carry what is quite possibly the world's largest selection of IN STOCK big block Mopar stroker pistons under one roof! Listed here are tons of different applications of dished, flattop and domed pistons for nearly every possible combination you can get out of a big block Mopar!! Our premium forged Platinum Series pistons are made from the same aerospace quality 2618 T-6 aluminum billet as the high dollar name brands. They have incredible strength without sacrificing light weight. Our factory is fully ISO9002 and QS9000 registered, to ensure the highest standards of quality, and they're American Made from start to finish! Forged in America, 100% CNC machined in America. They feature drilled oil returns, tight quench, reinforcement ribs on the underside of the forgings, and diamond finished skirts to tolerances of +/-.00025" (two and a half ten-thousandths of an inch!) If you haven't tried our Platinum pistons yet, you'll wonder why you've been wasting hundreds of extra dollars on "brand name" pistons, made from the same exact aluminum alloy, and with nearly identical CNC machining! Give 'em a try and you'll be very impressed with the quality. They have all the features you'd expect from the usual high dollar name brands, except the high price tag! All pistons use 1/16, 1/16, 3/16 ring pack for less frictional loss, and weight saving .990 pins, full floating and held securely in place with included SpiroLox. All include matching chrome moly heat treated, centerless ground pins. Many applications are available in Flattop, Dish or domed for nearly any compression ratio, and at most all common bore sizes. Now available for an almost unbelievably low price! We figure the ratios shown with a standard .039" head gasket, which is the thickness of Felpro's popular #1009 Chrysler big block head gasket. Valve reliefs are generally good for about a .700" lift cam. You can also view a master table of all available pistons and compression ratios at: