We carry oil pickups in most popular styles for both stock depth and deep sump pans.. Many different types of pickup tubes were used over the years. All car chassis use oil pans with the sump in the center, while trucks use pans with the sump in either the front or the rear. The pickup must be matched to the correct sump location and depth of the pan you are using. In addition, Hemi's used a 1/2 inch tube while almost everything else used a 3/8 tube, so the vast majority of pickups will have a 3/8" diameter pipe. It is possible to drill and tap your block out to 1/2" diameter and use a hemi pickup for increased oil volume, although it's generally not necessary for all but the most extreme applications. PLEASE NOTE: Because there are many different manufacturers and models of oil pans and pickups, our oil pickups may require modifications to "set" the correct depth between the pickup and the bottom of the pan. This depends on the specific pan and pickup you are using together, and should be checked and corrected (if necessary) during engine assembly. We usually recommend about 1/4"-3/8" of clearance in this area.