ARP Ultra-Torque Assembly Lube - 1.69oz Tube

ARP Ultra-Torque Assembly Lube - 1.69oz Tube
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Whenever you order bolts, don't forget a tube of ARP assembly lubricant. ARP's new "Ultra-Torque" is a special new blend of PFTE lube which ensures the correct torque will be reached on the first pull, so there is no longer any need to "cycle" the fastener (or loosen and tighten it several times), which has been the case with ARP's regular "Moly Lube" This lube is essential to get correct torque on the head, rod and main bolts, and it doesn't hurt to put it on misc other engine bolts as well. One tube is usually enough to do 4 or 5 complete engines, so it's a good investment to keep around the shop.