Ultralight Crankshaft

Ultralight Crankshaft
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Our new 4.250" stroke ultralight crankshafts are great for those 512 stroker motors. Since this combination already uses a lightweight piston, we undercut the crankshaft counterweights and profile the flange into a star shape, which takes about an additional 6.5 pounds (almost 3000 grams) off this model of crank. Click on the "View Additional Images" button to see more. Although the 512 is a quick revving combination even with a standard crankshaft, this ultralight crank will really make it rev like a streetbike. This crank features the 2.2" (Chevy) smaller and lighter rod journals which allow you to use any off the shelf big block Chevy rods with perfect side clearance. Crank has the following specs: Stroke: 4.250" / Block Type: RB / Main Journal Diameter: 2.750" / Rod Journal Diameter: 2.200" / Rod Journal Width: 2.009" / Pre-Balanced Bobweight: 2400 Grams / Counterweight Diameter: 7.480" / Flange Bolts: 6 x 7/16".