Sheet Metal Valley Pan - RB Engine - Dual Plane

Sheet Metal Valley Pan - RB Engine - Dual Plane
Item Number: 127-1010
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Detailed Description

This valley pan is the same as our single plain models, except it features a clearance well which will clear the exhaust crossover found in the Edelbrock Performer RPM intake manifold. It DOES NOT work with stock cast iron intakes, the Edelbrock standard Performer, or any others. These also work well with our aluminum Stealth heads, Edelbrock RPM heads, or any other aftermarket heads which feature an unbroken deck surface where the lower edge of the head's deck surface meets the edge of the valley pan. It will also work with factory cylinder heads, however there may be a small gap where the lower deck surface has a break which may need to be filled with silicone, depending on the intake manifold you are using. Because this pan is a single solid piece which fits "under" the cylinder head intake face edges, it requires at least one cylinder head to be off during installation or removal. Supplied in a gold irridite finish for good looks and corrosion resistance. This version fits the "RB" (413/426/440) engines.

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