Replacement Distributor Cap - RED FEMALE

Replacement Distributor Cap - RED FEMALE
Item Number: 117-1017
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Detailed Description

We also offer female (stock type looking) replacement caps for our distributors. This is a RED COLOR replacement cap for our distributors. Uses FEMALE type terminals, (similar to the factory type.) Great for those who want to run our modern billet distributors, but keep more of the "factory" type look of female plug wires. NOTE: Due to different suppliers, there are two styles of distributor caps used on our distributors. On the inside edge of the cap, there is an approximately 3/8" wide locating tang which fits into a groove or notch on the distributor body. One style has the locating tang directly in line with the attaching clip which holds the distributor cap on. The other style has the locating tang about 1" away (offset) from the attaching clip. When ordering a replacement cap, please check which style you need and order the correct one. This cap has the locating tang IN LINE with the attaching clip.