Pro Billet Distributor - RB Engine

Pro Billet Distributor - RB Engine
Item Number: 117-1018
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Detailed Description

Our new PRO Billet distributors are one of the highest quality distributors on the market for Big Block Mopar engine, bar none! These feature the same larger diameter bodies and taller height as the super expensive name brands, without the large price tag. They include extra springs and bushings so you can dial in how many degrees of advance you want, and what RPM you want it to come in by. These include the magnetic pickup trigger only, so they will need to be used in conjunction with some type of ignition box, such as our 117-1004, an MSD 6A, 6AL, 7AL or equivalent, or a Chrysler style electronic control box. Wiring to hook these up is super easy, click on "view additional images" button to see the wiring diagram. This part number is for the "RB" (413/426/440) Engine. PLEASE NOTE: Because of the larger diameter and taller height of the "Pro Billet" style distributors, additional clearancing may be required if you are using aftermarket heads and/or valve covers. If you want to avoid any clearancing issues, we recommend going instead with our standard Billet style distributors, which are factory diameter and height.