Premium Light Weight High Torque Mini Starter

Premium Light Weight High Torque Mini Starter
Item Number: 123-1000
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On the market for over 17 years now, we've got thousands and thousands of our premium Lightweight High Torque Mini Starters in proven service all over the world. No where else can you find this kind of quality at this price. These are manufactured in an ISO9001 factory to very stringent quality control specs. This means there is a long checklist of specifications they must meet, such as a certain amount of copper in the windings, etc, etc. They are in use in everything from stock street cars to seven second dragsters and they work great. This unit weighs in at only 7 pounds, and the super powerful 1.4KW motor uses 4:1 gear reduction to spin even high compression big blocks with no problems. We get 'em from the same factory that makes them for the big name brands, but because we buy direct and in huge quantities, we can sell 'em for about half what the name brands get, with 100% of the same quality. You won't be disappointed with this unit! It will work with all Mopar V8 engines. Get them while they last, and don't forget to order a dust shield and attaching bolts (listed separately.)