Platinum Series Pistons - 4.280 -12 Dished

Platinum Series Pistons - 4.280  -12 Dished
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These pistons are a 4.280" (.030 over) bore -12cc DISHED piston which will work in a 383 block with either our 3.75" stroke and 6.76" rod "438CI" stroker combination, or our 4.25" stroke and 6.535" rod "496CI" stroker combination. The compression ratios and distance below deck will change slightly depending on which stroker combination you are using these pistons with. Click on the part to see our table with detailed compression ratios. All our platinum pistons use 1/16, 1/16, 3/16 ring pack for less frictional loss, and weight saving, full floating .990 pin size.