Performance Spark Plug Wires - For Female type Dist. Cap

Performance Spark Plug Wires - For Female type Dist. Cap
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Our new performance plug wires feature a Kevlar core with ultra-low resistance spiral wound Copper-Nickel Alloy (CuNi) (3:1) conductor. This is the good, thick stuff, with a 10mm diameter and an impressive turn ratio of 100:1, lowering the wire resistance to 150 ohms per foot. Almost all the other "performance" wire sets out there are 8.5mm with 500 ohms per foot, so these are a premium setup compared to that. The conductor is then protected with a high dielectric strength co-polymer compound coating to help eliminate voltage leaks and Radio/Electromagnetic Frequency Interference (RFI/EMI). The wire is then coated again in a highly durable silicone and EPDM sleeve. All terminals are protected by extra thick silicone boots to ensure optimal spark delivery and long service life. Heat Rated to 600 F. These come fully assembeled, with each wire cut to length to fit a Big Block Mopar engine. This set fits a FEMALE distributor cap, similiar to factory type caps.