Oil Dipstick and Tube - Rear Sump Truck - New Reproduction

Oil Dipstick and Tube - Rear Sump Truck - New Reproduction
Item Number: 111-1002
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Shown here is our brand new OIL DIPSTICK and TUBE which fits our rear sump oil pan for truck (and some motorhome) applications. These were originally sold under Chrysler part number 3735103 for the dipstick tube and 3496958 for the dipstick itself. We also carry the matching oil pan and pickup (listed separately,) both of which are necessary in order to use this dipstick and tube. This assembly includes three separate parts. The dipstick itself, the tube with attaching bracket welded on, and the small right angle brass fitting which is necessary to attach the tube to the oil pan. These are a great opportunity to replace missing or damaged originals. You will also need our 109-1560 dipstick plug, which plugs the hole in the side of the block that is normally used with center sump oil pans, but is required to be plugged when using a rear sump pan.