Competition Valve Job - for Stealth Cylinder Heads

Competition Valve Job - for Stealth Cylinder Heads
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While the typical "production" valve job work done on any mass produced head is fine for most applications, for those that want super accurate, very high precision work, we offer our competition valve job for our Stealth Aluminum cylinder heads. As you can see in the picture, we use only the best equipment, a genuine USA Made SUNNEN VGS-20 seat and guide machine. The tooling we use is the SGM series tooling, which is the strongest, most stable tooling offered, which assures the highest quality, most accurate and consistent results. For most applications, we cut a 30 degree top cut, a 45 degree seat, and a 60 degree throat cut. We keep a seat width of .060" for the intake seats and .080" for the exhaust seats, which works well for performance applications but is also very durable for street driving. After doing the work, we also hand lap each seat. This does two things, it allows us to visually verify with 100% certainty that the valve to seat contact has the correct position on the valve, width and concentricity, and most importantly it verifies the valve is making a good, tight seal to the cylinder head. AND, because we have to fully disassemble the cylinder head in order to do all this work, if you are upgrading to double valve springs and/or 10 degree locks and retainers, we will re-assemble the head with the upgraded components at no extra charge! That's a $100 savings. And, all the work is done right here at our shop in Carson City by Terry, who has had many years of machine shop experience under his belt. This allows us to keep all QC processes in house and and under our direct supervision and control. If you are ordering Steath heads (regular or CNC ported), simply add this part to your order and we will perform the work on the heads before they ship. In most cases, please allow 2-3 days time to complete the work.