Comp Cams Super Lock 11/32 10deg. Valve Locks

Comp Cams Super Lock 11/32  10deg. Valve Locks
Item Number: 145-1002
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Detailed Description

Shown here is our Comp Cams 10 degree "Super Locks." These are a huge, extremely beefy valve lock which has a wider angle of interference than a standard 7 degree lock. These are fully machined (not stamped) from a super tough fatigue resistant alloy. Comp recommends these for any cams over .460" lift. These fit 11/32 valve stems, which can be found on most aftermarket aluminum heads (such as our Stealth heads or Edelbrock RPM's,) and they work great with our Comp "Super Lock" retainers, part number 145-1003 or 145-1006, which can be found on our Valve Retainers page. We highly recommend upgrading to these for extra insurance. These are supplied in a set of 32, enough to do one complete engine. Since they're Comp, you can be assured of two things: They're 100% made in the USA, and the quality is second to none.