Cast Aluminum Valve Covers - FULLY POLISHED - Pair

Cast Aluminum Valve Covers - FULLY POLISHED - Pair
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Our new one piece CAST ALUMINUM valve covers are great looking pieces at an even better price. The great looking FULLY POLISHED appearance gives your engine that modern sleek and clean look of todays high dollar show cars and race cars. Say goodbye to outdated fins and logos of past decades cast valve covers forever. Sold as a pair. Installation Note: Most aftermarket aluminum cylinder heads (including our Stealth heads, Edelbrock Performer RPM heads and others) drill the valve cover bolt holes at an angle which is perpendicular (90 degrees or "straight") to the valve cover rail. Factory Chrysler heads drilled the valve cover bolt holes at approximately a 15 degree angle so they are slightly "tilted" relative to the valve cover rail. We have designed these valve covers with the bolt holes drilled "straight", so they will fit aftermarket heads without any modifications. When using these covers on factory heads, it will be necessary to install your valve cover studs, then bend them slightly after installation until they are perpendicular (straight up and down) in relation to the valve cover rail. Due to the fact that these covers are "cast," they are thicker than stamped steel or fabricated aluminum covers. Some of the large bodied aluminum roller rockers on the market, (ours included) may need some clearancing done. The areas under the bolt holes are 3/4" thick, so to determine the correct valve cover bolt length you need, add 3/4", plus the thickness of the valve cover gaskets you are using, plus the thread engagement you desire with the cylinder heads (usualy about 1/2" is standard.) For instance, with a 1/4" thick valve cover gasket, you would need a 1-1/2" long bolt (3/4"+1/4"+1/2"= 1-1/2" total.) Our die-cast aluminum valve covers are precision-cast from high-grade aluminum. They have thick gasket rails for optimum sealing and crack resistance, and feature a smooth polished top.