Billet Distributor - RB Engine

Billet Distributor - RB Engine
Item Number: 117-1000
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Detailed Description

Shown here is our BILLET distributor. These fit "RB" (413/426/440) engines. The housings on these are fully machined from a solid block of 6061-T6 aluminum, giving them incredible strength, accuracy and a show quality finish. For those serious about performance as well as looks, these use a heavy duty centerless ground 1/2" hardened steel shaft held in place by completely sealed ball bearings. They also feature a permanently fixed extremely accurate magnetic pickup which never requires adjustment. These use "Spark Plug" style locking terminals on the cap to ensure a positive connection. Never before has such a high quality distributor been available for such a reasonable cost!! These have a performance mechanical advance curve built into them, which is adjustable. This includes only the magnetic pickup trigger only, so it will need to be used in conjunction with some type of ignition box, such as our 117-1004, an MSD 6A, 6AL, 7AL or equivalent, or a Chrysler style electronic control box. This distributor can also be used with a "female" (factory type) cap, see replacement caps below. These distributors use the caps listed as having an "IN-LINE" locating tab.