Adjustable Checking Pushrod B

Adjustable Checking Pushrod B
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Detailed Description

Shown here is our checking pushrod tool. Use this for applications with adjustable rocker arms which use the ball on the bottom end, and the cup on the top end. This is basically a pushrod which has been cut and threaded, so that it can be screwed in and out (or adjusted) once it is fit in the engine to determine the correct length pushrod you will need for that application. This is for use as a tool only, you would never actually run this pushrod in an engine. Once the correct pushrod length is found (by measuring the length of the checking pushrod after everything is positioned correctly), then pushrods can be ordered or made (if necessary) to that length. This version of our pushrod checking tool would generally be used for "B" engines, and is adjustable from about 8" to 9".