Valve Covers - Fabricated Aluminum (pair) USA MADE

Valve Covers - Fabricated Aluminum (pair) USA MADE
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If you really want to get serious, our new 100% USA MADE fabricated aluminum fabricated valve covers are the EXACT SAME covers used on pro-stock and other professional racing classes. Normally sold by the high dollar fabrication companies,we're now making them in huge volume and by doing this we've been able to bring down the price considerably. Fully tig (heliarc) welded from aluminum sheet, at just under 3 1/2" tall, these will clear most any high lift cams and bulky rocker shaft holddowns. These use an incredibly beefy 3/8" thick solid billet flange, AND after the covers are welded, we fully CNC MILL the entire flange to make sure it's as flat and straight as an arrow. It's rare that even the high dollar sets will do this, usually they just lay them on a belt surfacer. Reduced head diameter valve cover bolts or studs, such as allen or 12pt heads are recommended. These are available from us under part number 129-1030. These covers come without any breather holes, to allow you to use a simple holesaw or punch to position the breathers and/or oil fill caps exactly where you need them. These are every bit as well made as they look in the pictures. Please note: Sheet aluminum is very soft! Even sliding it across a table will cause very small scratches. We try to be as careful as possible during manufacture, but occasionally there will be some small surface scratches on some of the covers resulting from normal handling during the manufacturing process. When the sheet aluminum is bent in a brake, sometimes the brake will leave a small line where it pushed up against the aluminum to shape it. This is stuff you would find with any fabricated aluminum parts due to the soft nature of aluminum. The vast majority of our customers would never give any of this a second thought, but we have had some people who are VERY particular. If you consider yourself very, very particular about this kind of stuff, we would recommend you have someone either powder coat these covers, or polish them to a mirror finish. This looks great and will remove any trace of surface imperfections. When used with Edelbrock Victor heads, the inside of the rail may need to be clearanced. Because these covers are made for maximum room under the cover (for rocker clearance) the outside edge may interfere with larger diameter (Pro-Billet style) aftermarket distributors. We recommend using the standard diameter billet distributor (such as our 117-1000 or 117-1026) for extra clearance in this area.