Total Seal Moly File Fit Rings - 4.360

Total Seal Moly File Fit Rings - 4.360
Item Number: CR6490-45
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Type: Moly File Fit Bore:4.360" (440 .040" Over) Ring Width: 1/16, 1/16, 3/16 Tension: STD Total Seal's 40+ years of ring manufacturing experience has led to the development of the "CR Series" Moly rings. Made in the USA, these are a brand new design of ring made from premium ductile iron. Total Seal rings are precision finished over every outside surface before the moly is applied with a plasma process at a much higher than normal impact rate. This specialized high density impact process virtually eliminates the fracturing and flaking common with other types of rings. Engines consistently show a 63% increase in compression ring life, 50% less cylinder wall wear and unparalleled sealing characteristics. These ring sets also include premium STAINLESS STEEL oil ring expanders. In fact, Total Seal rings come pre-lapped, so all you have to do is finish the cylinder wall with #400 stones, make sure the bore is straight and round within .0005" (and use a torque plate of course) and by the time the engine gets up to operating temperature for the first time, the rings will be broken in! That's right. No break in period. Just warm her up and mash the pedal!!