Timing Tape

Timing Tape
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Our timing tape features a zero to 60 degree scale (plus marks every 90deg) and fits all Big Block Mopar 7 1/4" diameter dampers. These are a great high performance item that helps to solve several problems. On engraved or printed dampers (even if they have the full timing scale printed) the lettering can be hard to read against the chrome background. This tape, with big, bright white lettering against a black background makes it quite a bit easier to see when setting timing, especially down in the dark near the bottom of the engine. Second, due to tolerance stack up, it's somewhat common to find the zero mark on your damper can be off by a degree or so. By using the tape, it allows you to find exact TDC, and they apply the tape at exactly that point. This is a much better and inexpensive alternative to modifying your timing pointer, or having your damper re-degreed.