Oil Dipstick and Tube - Plain Steel - New

Oil Dipstick and Tube - Plain Steel - New
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BRAND NEW REPRODUCTION plain steel dipstick, ready for paint or powder coating. In the past, the only aftermarket dipsticks available for the Big Block Mopar were chrome, which made it very difficult for those who wanted to personalize their engines with a custom painted or powder coated dipstick. Stripping and/or sanding the chrome off was a very labor intensive & expensive process. Those who went with a used swap meet or junkyard dipstick, (if they could even find one) often had to try to salvage one that was in very poor condition. With our beautiful BRAND NEW REPRODUCTION dipsticks, you can say goodbye to all that. And now, we've made them available at a very affordable price. These also include an integral rubber seal which seals the dipstick to the tube, something the factory never included (but should have.) Fits all wedge big blocks, all years.