Flexplate 6 bolt - Cast Crank

Flexplate 6 bolt - Cast Crank
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Our new CAST CRANK flexplate is a great option for someone who has an original CAST CRANK 400 or 440 engine, and wants to use it with an aftermarket performance torque converter. Mopar started using cast cranks in passenger car 440's in mid 1973, and these engines can be identified by an "E" stamped into the machined pad to the right of the distributor. These engines originally came with torque converters that had weights welded on them, since these engines were external balance. These days, finding torque converters with the weights welded on them is nearly impossible, especially if you're looking for a performance or high stall converter. This flexplate has a cutout shape on one side which replicates the function of the weights, so you can run your cast crank engine with any normal internal balace converter, without having to worry about the weights. We've found these solid circular type of flexplates to be much stronger than the ones with the "ears," which look more like the factory type. These are strong enough to stay together behind even the highest horsepower applications, or they work great for hot street cars as well. These includes all possible bolt patterns; Large with 5/16" bolts, small with 5/16" bolts, and 7/16" bolts for all aftermarket high performance and racing high stall converters. This flexplate fits all standard 6 bolt crank flanges. A great value, identical to B&M 10237 at less than half the price!