Fabricated Valve Covers (Pair) - Long Bolt

Fabricated Valve Covers  (Pair) - Long Bolt
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We now offer these Big Block fabricated aluminum valve covers. These feature a nice 1/4" thick rail to help stop those pesky valve cover leaks. These are the "long bolt" type, where the center 4 bolts extend to the top of the cover for easy access and additional internal clearance with roller rockers and high lift cams. Very nice stainless valve cover bolt hardware is also included. PLEASE NOTE: These are designed for factory Mopar cylinder heads, where the valve cover bolts are drilled at a 15 degree offset to the valve cover rail. Most aftermarket aluminum heads (including our Stealth heads, Trick Flow, Edelbrock and others) drill the valve cover bolts perpendicular to the rail. If you are planning on using these with aftermarket heads, you would need to install studs, and then bend the studs very slightly after installation so they align with the angle of the valve cover holes.