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This crank is popular in low deck (especially 400) blocks for the "470" stroker setup. This crank features the 2.2" (Chevy) smaller and lighter rod journals which allow you to use any off the shelf big block Chevy rods with perfect side clearance. The smaller 7.120" counterweight diameter on "B" crankshafts allows the counterweights to clear the block in all "B" engines without any modifications. Crank has the following specs: Stroke: 3.915" / Block Type: B / Main Journal Diameter: 2.625" / Rod Journal Diameter: 2.200" / Rod Journal Width: 2.009" / Pre-Balanced Bobweight: 2300 Grams / Counterweight Diameter: 7.120" / Flange Bolts: 6 x 7/16".