Belt Drive - Australian Muscle Parts

Belt Drive - Australian Muscle Parts
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When you want the best, this is it. AMP has been making belt drives for decades, and no other timing system offers this kind of accuracy, ease of adjustment, super simple cam changes, etc. Change cam timing just by loosening the bolts on the cam gear, and then just slide it to where you want it. An engraved scale includes positive and negative marks up to 10 degrees, in 2 degree increments. If you want to change it by one degree, just put the mark inbetween the two lines. And if you want to change cams, they come right out without pulling the belt drive or oil pan. So no ruined gaskets and minimal mess. Great for the dyno or adjustments at the track. And if you really want to see some jaws drop, run it on the street... This new version is black anodized and includes a German made belt. Fits all big blocks including Hemi's and aftermarket blocks.