ARP Stainless Carb Stud Kit

ARP Stainless Carb Stud Kit
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These ARP polished stainless carb stud kits are top quality. They work great with Holley 4150 carbs. Length is 1-3/4" long. The special "bullet nose" studs make it super easy to start the nuts, especially in tight spaces. Includes studs, nuts and washers. Made from ARP's proprietary "300" stainless steel alloy, they are rated at a minimum 170,000 PSI, which is even stronger than a grade 8 bolt! And, you can't beat the quality, shine and corrosion resistance of polished stainless. Nothing resists the ravages of weather, time and even repeated tightening and loosening like stainless. These are truly maintenance free! Small details like this can really make a car "show quality," especially up at the top of the engine, the first place where people are likely to look. A small detail that is often forgotten. Make sure these details are taken care of, and it'll be one less thing to hold up your build. We also carry other carburetor essentials such as gaskets, return spring kits, fuel lines, etc.