ARP Bolt Kit - Intake Manifold - Stainless

ARP Bolt Kit - Intake Manifold - Stainless
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The BEST option. Our ARP polished stainless steel intake manifold bolt & washer bolt kits are exactly what people mean when they say "show quality." Made from ARP's proprietary "300" stainless steel alloy, they are rated at a minimum 170,000 PSI, which is even stronger than a grade 8 bolt! And, you can't beat the quality, shine and corrosion resistance of polished stainless. Nothing resists the ravages of weather, time and even repeated tightening and loosening like stainless. These are truly maintenance free! They also feature a reduced diameter 12pt head for easy intake manifold changes and less clearance problems with oversize runners. Matching polished stainless washers are included. With these being some of the most visible bolts on the engine, small details like this can really make a car "show quality."